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        Zhongyi Technology CO.,Ltd. is devoted to the best and the fastest services for innovation and development of electronic technology, striving to build a world-class Printed Circuit Board manufacturer. The company headquarters and production base is located in Shenzhen, China , has formed a global marketing model , providing quality services to more than 3000 companies and individuals at home and abroad. We set up online ordering platform for global customers to provide convenient and efficient way to order.
        The company has a professional technical team with 10 years of experience in PCB manufacturing,constantly enhance the level of PCB technology and production capacity. Our main service group are electronic products company, a entrepreneurial group , Electronic DIY. We can shorten their period of manufacturing and our high... Read More about Yeepcb>>

    Customer Reviews
    • Very happy with the excellent service and quality

      Peter Trenciansky

    • Optima quality finish ... !! Very satisfied with the work done in record time .. !! Soon I will next order; Thank you very much for everything.


    • Great looking boards, excited to start soldering. 4 Layer 5mil board looks great.

      Ren livingston

    • Great speed and availability. 3 different prototypes arrived in Italy in 6 days.


    • Great work guys! Will be back soon!

      Pedro Skou

    • Ordered 20 pieces, very good quality and quick delivery. I will order here again without hesitation. Happy customer!

      Piet Friskus

    • Good PCBs with great quality. One more than ordered. Excellent support and service! We are completely satisfied!

      Nikolay Dovgilov

    • After a few initial hiccups with the order, I finally managed to get my PCBs manufactured as required. Delivery was very prompt: one week for order submittance to delivery in the UK which is very impressive. Cost-wise, very good value for money


    • If I need more copies of this board, ordering will be a breeze and won't have any complications as the design is understood.


    • This is my 8th order. PCBs are perfect, and DHL is shipping very fast to Austria. Fastest was 6 days from placing order to receiving the PCB at my door. I am very happy with your service. Thank you very much

      werfried kuneth

    • We have received the pcbs in a very fine form. The material looks solid, we have started to work with it already. This PCB will be used in an innovative project

      Dimitri Tskhovrebadze

    • Navigation and strobe lights for a four seat aircraft. Excellent quality!

      Paul McVitty

    • The service was perfect, the factory hold the deadline. And the pcbs have arrived. I made a visual check on all PCBs and measured some critical point. The quality is ok


    • Very fast production and delivery, the quality PCB is good..


    • It's a 1.5kW switching mode power supply, i ordered the first (of three) PCB here and i'm very happy with the quality price and service! Production is also very fast! I will order the other PCB's for my project also from this manufacturer!


    • This small 2 layer PCB is 0.6mm thick is intended to drive a LED with constant current - severaly features will be supported by a tiny microcontroller. Let's see if it works :)


    • very good PCB, exellent finish

      Luis Fernando Carabali

    • This is my second order, with very good results and now with a great improvement and is able to track in line with the whole process. The support is very good provide enough information, very helpful. As long so I'll be buying them

      Luis Fernando Carabali

    • Good services Good products Great communications Great web Very fast n cheap Thank you

      Mr. Atok Purnomo

    • The boards arrived much faster than expected and the quality was very good, especially when considering the price. There were absolutely no mechanical or electrical problems, and the accuracy of drills especially was excellent over a longer distance (330mm). I was very pleased with the service and plan to use them again for a larger order.

      Tom Wong-Cornall

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    Shenzhen Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd.

    Company Address:Building A, First Qianwan Road 1, Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone, Shenzhen, China

    Factory Address:Building D3,Yingzhan Industrail Zone,Pingshan Kengzi Streets,SZ,CN


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